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Legaci Birth

Unassisted Birth Course

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Legaci Birth's Unassisted Birth Course gives you access to exclusive knowledge and experience of successful unassisted births. Learn how to have an Unassisted Birth.

What you will learn:

- How to create your unassisted birth Environment 

- How to relax during an unassisted birth

- How to prepare mentally for an unassisted birth

- How to manage labor for an unassisted birth

- How to Check your OWN cervix 

- How to dilate your cervix faster for an unassisted birth

- What to do when your water breaks

- How to monitor your babies heart rate 

- How to give birth in the WATER

- How to catch/receive your baby

- How to become fully dilated 

- How to BREATHE and push your baby out 

- How to prevent tearing by yourself 

- How to deliver your PLACENTA

- How to CARE for your newborn after an unassisted birth 

- How to do your OWN newborn testing/Exams 

- How to have a lotus birth 

- How to get a birth CERTIFICATE

The course is completely self paced. You decide when you start and finish.

After purchasing, you have lifetime access to the course. On any device.