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Legaci Birth


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Let's get you to unleash your natural birth queen!

I provide 100% effort into coaching YOU how to give birth like me, the unassisted painless birth legend! 

I pour my soul, expertise, and best knowledge into getting you ready and confident for your birth. 

I have taught 318 women how to give birth unassisted and painless! If they can learn how to do it, SO CAN YOU! 

"I am so happy with the outcome and I am a living witness to say I had a painless birth after taking her classes. My birth was quick and powerful. And the easiest one so far!" - Jocelyn.I

Invest in yourself and train 1 on 1 with me to UNLEASH your natural birth queen! 

1:1 Coaching Includes:

- Birth Prep Classes

- Labor Prep Classes 

- Birthing Placenta Classes 

- Painless Birth Classes 

- Unassisted Birth Classes 

- Worksheets

- Questionnaires 

- Birth Plan 

How it Works

Immediately after you complete your purchase you will receive the birth plan questionnaire and the link to book your FIRST call! 

Subscription Details: 

Virtual Doula Meetings are weekly. Scheduled on your availability. No obligation, modify, or cancel your subscription at anytime.