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Legaci Birth

Painless Birth Challenge - ALL ACCESS V.I.P EXPERIENCE

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Challenge Date: Oct 5th - Oct 14th 11am-1pm EST

Learn how to practise and make progress with a Painless birth formula proven for success! 

Legaci's clients all around the world have experienced a better birth. 

Improve your skills drastically through in depth training, projects,Q & A, and feedback sessions.

Time - 5 day commitment

Week 1 - Wednesday & Friday

Week 2 - Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

11AM-1PM EST 1-2 hours per day for 5 days. 

If you are unable to attend a live training. The recording will be available for you to re-watch. 

Final Result - Prepared for the birth you want. Have a mental shift to feel confident and ready for your birth. 

This Class is for - Beginner or advanced Mothers, Parents, Parents to be, Birth educators, Doulas, Midwifes, and health professionals. Doesn't matter what type of birth you are planning or helping individuals have, unmedicated, medicated, hospital, birth centre or at home... this challenge is for you!


  • 5 days of birth training with Legaci "The Natural Birth Queen"
  • ​Access to our Legaci Birth FB group
  • ​How to have a painless birth
  • ​V.I.P Q&A ask Legaci questions 


Day 1: The Principle of Planning


- Identify your birth

- Create your birth plan

- Step towards success, by putting your plan into action


Day 2: Protection Strategies


- Create a team that is supportaive - Know your rights 

- Understand medical intervention


Day 3: Prepare Your Mind & Body


- What to do with your body to encourage an optimal birth position​

- Effacement and engagement

-Make sure you birth space feels safe


Day 4: Persevere


- A labor plan that WINS!​

- Know how to labor with more pleasure

- Know how to Deliver Painless 




- Don't Just Dream - Follow Through

- Know how to have a Painless birth

- Have a postpartum plan for a happy and healthy motherhood. 


Refund Policy:

If you are unhappy with the challenge, we have a money back guarantee policy. You must attend all of your training days, with your video on to get your money back. That way we know you were actually trying to participate and not just pretending to not like it. We are 100% confident that this challenge will be worth every second, but if for some odd reason you don't enjoy it, we will gladly send back your money.