Valubu Birth Center

About Us
Valubu Birth Center is a virtual birth centre founded by Legaci Allong (The Natural Birth Queen). 

After sharing her incredible amazing unmedicated home water birth and unassisted, unmedicated lotus birth on YouTube she inspired 1.2 million women all over the world. Setting a trend for unassisted, unmedicated lotus births. 

Women all over the world came looking for her support. She decided to open up a birth centre. Valubu was a name given to her while she was asleep in a dream. The word means “Everything we valued since birth”  She believes God gave her the name, he told her to walk in her purpose and change the way humans are brought into the world.”

Valubu is a virtual Birth Center with virtual doulas, midwifes and traditional birth attendants who support unmedicated birth, home birth, unassisted birth and lotus birth. Legaci Allong ’The Natural Birth Queen’ is now the first person in the world to open up a virtual birth centre that supports unmedicated, home, unassisted, or lotus births. 

If you are looking for a doula or midwife that advocate for your natural birth, educates you on what to expect, and respect your birth wishes. Valubu Birth Center is the place for you!


Welcome your child into your OWN hands. With skilled and loving virtual support of one of our doulas, midwives, or traditional birth attendants. 

Enjoy our professional, respectful and personalized service, as we trust in the tradition of mother-led instinctual births. 

Valubu Birth Center provides quality care to clients throughout pregnancy, birth and life with a newborn.  Meet our doulas on our website for more information and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Who we are:

Valubu Birth Center offers trained and certified birth and postpartum doulas, Trained registered midwives, and Traditional Birth attendants. 

Our Virtual Services Include:

  • Prenatal Support
  • Birth Support
  • Labor Support
  • Postpartum Support
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Childbirth Education

If you are pregnant and looking for a doula or midwife at Valubu Birth Centre.  You are welcome to either email us directly, or select your package to book your first appointment with her.  


Meet Our Doulas:

  • Jacquelyn Clemmons
  • Clarke' Lunara

Additional Doulas and Midwifes available next week. 

Jacquelyn Clemmons

Jacquelyn Clemmons lives in Baltimore, Maryland and owns a doula business called De La Luz Wellness. She has 3 children. Jacquelyn is passionate about all things birth, postpartum and breastfeeding!

 Her philosophy as a doula is to empower women to activate their inner warrior and personal magic naturally. She believes that no matter what type of birth a mother desires, it’s coming from a very deep part of her that is naturally within.

Jacquelyn is birth well trained. She has successfully completed her DONA International Birth Doula training and is a certified Doula. Jacquelyn is also certified in Traditional Moroccan Postpartum Medicine and as a breastfeeding consultant at lactation education resources. 

Meet Jacquelyn Clemmons:


To select a virtual doula package with Jacquelyn Click Here.

Clarke Lunara

Clarke' Lunara lives in Virginia USA and is passionate about birth and women health. She recently gave birth to her first son unmedicated and at home. Clarke' is passionate about all things natural!

Her philosophy as a doula is to centre woman, family and their wishes above the systems wishes. She believes that the body is wise and even in challenging situations, that it remains wise. 

Clarke' has successfully completed her DONA International Birth Doula training and is a certified Doula. She is also continuing her education towards spinning babies certificates. 

To Select A Virtual Doula Package with Clarke Click Here.