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Legaci Birth

VIRTUAL DOULA (one time payment)

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Upgrade and Save! 40% off your one time payment! You Save $376

I will prepare you for your unassisted or unmedicated birth. Be on video call with you during labor, birth, placenta delivery, and postpartum. 


- Up to Unlimited hours of labor support

- Up to 3 hours/month of pregnancy virtual doula support

- 24/7 Doula Text Support

 - Monthly 1:1 Meetings

- Birth Planning

- Guidance & Support

- On-Call During Birth 

- Lotus Birth Support

- Video Chat Support During Postpartum

- Birth Certificate Guidance

- Access to Our Private Facebook Group

- Access to our private text group 


I will help you achieve your birth goals, a painless birth, and no tearing!

“My husband gifted me her doula services being the best purchase we could’ve made. You should do it too, you won’t be disappointed.” - Jocelyn.l

“THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I Can’t thank God enough for this Wondrous Woman Legaci! She helped me, my husband and my mom through the whole labor to birth and postpartum” - Mosina.M

“Purchasing Legaci’s Virtual Doula services for our first unassisted home water birth, was a blessing, empowering, and invigorating experience” - Erica.M

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Q - I’m 37 weeks pregnant. I was interested in getting your virtual doula package but I was wondering, is it was too late in pregnancy to work with you?

A - 37 weeks is fine. You can get the virtual doula package anytime during your pregnancy. 

Q - At this time I don’t have a actual laptop I have a chrome notebook. Can I use my iPhone for Face Time?

A - Yes Face Time is fine. After payment you can choose your preferred method of communication. 

Q - Will this pay be you being my virtual Doula, Or for a course?

A - Me as your doula. 

Q - If I sign up for this what happens next?

A - After purchase, You will receive a virtual doula intake form, birth plan and link to book your first meet.

Q - Is it 1:1 or like a group coaching kind of thing?

A - 1 on 1. 

Q - Is there more information on what the virtual doula option is?

A - Sure, you will receive 24/7 support with your pregnancy and birth. You will have access to me by text, phone, and video chat. I will be there to help and guide you 💚

Q- Hi, I'm having a birth a birth centre, could i please use your amazing service for that?

A - Yes 

Q- Just to know, do you attend online at a hospital also?

A - Yes 


Subscription Details:

Virtual Doula Meeting are monthly. Scheduled on your availability. $229/month for 6 months. No obligation, modify, or cancel your subscription at anytime.