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Legaci Birth

Virtual Doula Coaching Program!

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 If you get access to the virtual doula program, you will get access to our exclusive virtual doula community in our app. You can join a royal group of other queens who are in the same shoes that you're are in, making their pregnancy and birth happen on their terms day in and day out. 

In our virtual doula program, we keep each other accountable, give each other feedback, and train to together with natural techniques that are working right now. 

You don't have to wing it on your own anymore.

Who this is for...

Pregnant mothers and Parents in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester

Doesn't matter what type of birth you are planning unmedicated, medicated, hospital, birth centre, home, or unassisted... this is for you! 

Only 35 spots available so I can provide you quality inner circle experience!


  • An empowering pregnancy.
  • A painless, unassisted, positive, or home birth experience.
  • A healthy baby.

Increase your chances of having a birth with no intervention!

What You Get:

24/7 Text Support -

Have direct access to Legaci to contact me anytime about your pregnancy, birth or postpartum. 

Pregnancy Support -

Guide you through your unique pregnancy and help you have a healthy experience. Each pregnancy is unique, I will help educate you on your choices  and be a warm shoulder for you to share anything with. 

Community -

Access to the Legaci Birth private Facebook group and app group! Where you will be surrounded by Queens who are having babies and who already had their babies with Legaci Birth!

Group Coaching  - 
1 Group call per week with Legaci. The training calls will alternate between training calls and Q&A coaching calls designed to help you have a healthy and happy pregnancy and birth. 

Painless Birth Coaching- 
Weekly group coaching for a painless birth as well as exclusive content.You will learn how to re-program your mind to see birth as a positive and natural process of life. I will teach you my world class strategies of how to give birth like a NATURAL BIRTH QUEEN. These mind blowing methods are unlike any other in the world. 

Unassisted Birth Coaching - ($16,000 value)
Expert training on how to have an unassisted birth like a natural birth queen!

Natural Birth Coaching -
With the natural birth coaching program you will be 10 times more likely to have a birth with less or no medical intervention. 

Birth Plan- 
You will learn how to create your birth plan, so you can manifest your birth and also do the work. 

Planners  - 
Access to all Legaci Birth planners, affirmations, pregnancy and birth meal guides. 

Exclusive Content - 
Access to knowledgeable and helpful exclusive content.

Legaci Birth App- 
24/7 text support and daily activities to keep you on track.


ALSO Includes:

- Certified Expert Virtually attend your birth to 10X your chances of having the birth you want

- Breathe with you during labor, just in case you forget how!

- Guides you during birth on positions and techniques to progress your labor.

- Help you cope and manage labor to decrease your chances of your unwanted interventions.

- Help you deliver your placenta to smoothly transition into your positive postpartum!

$379/month for 12 months
P.S the full amount is due before you give birth.