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Legaci Birth


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Legaci Birth's Virtual Doula gives you 24/7 support to unmedicated, unassisted, home, water, and lotus births. 

What You will Get:

- 24/7 Doula Support

 - Consultations 

 - Monthly Meetings

- Birth Plan 

- Guidance & Support

- Support During Birth 

- Support During Postpartum

- Access to Our Private Facebook Group



(Auto pay) Monthly Payments of $199.99 



Q - I’m 37 weeks pregnant. I was interested in getting your virtual doula package but I was wondering, is it was too late in pregnancy to work with you?

A - 37 weeks is fine. You can get the virtual doula package anytime during your pregnancy. 

Q - At this time I don’t have a actual laptop I have a chrome notebook. Can I use my iPhone for Face Time?

A - Yes Face Time is fine. After payment you can choose your preferred method of communication. 

Q - Will this pay be you being my virtual Doula, Or for a course?

A - Me as your doula. 

Q - If I sign up for this what happens next? I was also looking at your birth courses, would it be good to get those as well if I sign up for the virtual doula service?

A - After purchase, You will receive a virtual doula intake form, birth plan and link to book your first video call. You will receive access to the unassisted birth course and the painless birth course for free when you purchase the virtual doula.

Q - Is it 1:1 or like a group coaching kind of thing?

A - 1 on 1. 

Q - Is there more information on what the virtual doula option is?

A - Sure, you will receive 24/7 support with your pregnancy and birth. You will have access to me by text, phone, and video chat. I will be there to help and guide you 💚


Return Policy:

We have a 30-day money back policy, if for some reason you are unhappy with your purchase. You can contact us at so we can process your refund.