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Legaci Birth

Unmedicated Birth Plan

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Our birth plan is a tool that will outline your expectations for your unmedicated, home, or unassisted birth. It helps you have open communication between your care provider, family members or partner. Providing you with powerful knowledge prior to giving birth.

Queens who participated in our birth plan reported that it improved their understanding of the process of their unmedicated, home or unassisted labor and birth. They also believe that they were better able to express their wishes through a way that their partners, practitioners, and family members could understand! 

Unlike other birth plans, our plans do not take up multiple pages. Making it faster and easier for individuals to read. They are also extremely beautiful and you can save them as a keepsake! 

I have had 3 amazing unmedicated home water lotus births as well as an unassisted birth. One thing that was similar in all 3 of my births, was a birth plan. I always made sure everyone attending my births read my birth plans. Just in case they forgot I posted them on all the walls in my house. All of my births went exactly as planned! - Legaci (The Natural Birth Queen)

What you will get:

  • Birth Plan Questionnaire (so I know your preferences)
  • A customized Birth Plan (sent via email, so you can print or download)
  • Unlimited Revisions 

Upon completion of payment, you will receive your birth plan questionnaire.  Once you complete the birth plan questionnaire you will receive your birth plan.

Customer Reviews:

My experience receiving my unmedicated birth plan, has been nothing but great. So we as women can prepare ourselves from the wrath of hospital rules. Also to know what you prefer before during and after giving birth. I'm extremely grateful for receiving my birth plan and excited to put it to use to help deliver my baby boy. Thank you once Again. - Ayana Janelle

Great birth plan which is not only comprehensive but easy and accessible - Grace.M