Legaci Birth

Carrie Lorvanis

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Deposit for Virtual Doula. 

Full Price: $1,000

If you complete a $100 deposit, your remaining balance would be $900.

If you complete a $500 deposit your remaining balance would be $500. 

The full balance must be completed before the birth. 


  • An empowering pregnancy.
  • A happy and better Birth experience.
  • A healthy baby.

Increase your chances of having a birth with low or no intervention!

What You Get:

24/7 Text Support -

Have direct access to Legaci to contact me anytime about your pregnancy, birth or postpartum. 

Pregnancy Support -

Guide you through your unique pregnancy and help you have a healthy experience. Each pregnancy is unique, I will help educate you on your choices  and be a warm shoulder for you to share anything with. 

Unassisted Birth Coaching - 
Expert training on how to have an unassisted birth like a natural birth queen!
Postpartum Support -
One week of Support with healing and breastfeeding. Guidance with documentation for your babies birth certificate. 

Virtual Doula Support:

Support during early, active, and transitional labor via FaceTime, whats app or zoom. 

Money Back Guarantee  - If you are unhappy with your service, you can have your money back!