Legaci's Baby Story


Legaci's Baby Story 

Follows empowering women through pregnancy, birth and life with a newborn. Women share their unmedicated birth experiences, to shift how we give birth.



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Collaborate on pregnancy and birth content.

Videos can be created IG live, zoom or on your own and sent via online. 



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Frequently Asked Questions:

When do I Film?

You can film on your own time and send to Legaci's Baby Story via Drop Box. or you can book a scheduled zoom/live via calendly. 

What kinds of videos do I film?

You can choose, prenatal appointments, pregnancy updates, gender reveals, birth vlogs etc. Or you can create your own ideas. 


What are the requirements?

Legaci's Baby Story is interested in pregnant women planning or who have had an unmedicated birth. 

How will videos be edited?

Videos are edited to empower women. All content that includes family friendly videos.

How do I send videos I created? 

Videos can be sent via email or drop box. You will have access to this link after your've signed up.


For More Information contact us via email: yrlfamily@gmail.com