Legaci has hundreds of clients who have had all different types of births. From unassisted, home, birth centre, hospital, medicated, and unmedicated. As hard as it is to believe, some give birth completely pain free using the painless birth keys Legaci has taught them. 

Despite the fact that most births go unplanned. Her clients are able to achieve the births THEY WANT. She can show any Queen how to turn an unmedicated birth to a pleasurable experience! 

Now she is ready to teach you how to duplicate her success and that of her clients success.

Legaci Allong 'The Natural Birth Queen' - Certified Doula & Birth Coach

Legaci has had 4 successful unassisted/home lotus births! Less than 1% of women world wide can give birth unmedicated pain free! Her and her clients are apart of that 1% and she believes you can be apart of it too.

It didn't always start that way Her FIRST birth was very intense. "It felt like I died and came back to life." She explained to her over 50,000 YouTube followers. She used that experience to create her formula to a painless birth which she used to transform her 2nd, 3rd, and 4th birth experiences. 

You can see her demonstrate her formula in her 2nd, 3rd, and 4th births that she filmed on her YouTube channel. These videos gave her the undisputable name of the Natural Birth Queen. She gave birth dancing, singing, and educating during early, active, and transitional labor! 

This has never been seen before in our lifetime. She is the best in the world to do what she does. Helping Queens give birth is her purpose and she is just fulfilling her assignment. 

If you are a mom who wants to achieve the birth of your desires, a doula, midwife, health professional, or birth educator who wants to learn how to have a painless birth Legaci is one of the very few people who can assist you in that goal.