Do you want to hear an extremely FAST birth story? Literally lightning SPEED! 

Well, here it is….

2 weeks prior Erica discovered that her practitioners adjusted her due date because her baby was measuring bigger than they anticipated. 

They desired a home birth however a lot of the locations near them were fully booked. 

 Unassisted birth was very new to them. She watched my Legendary Unassisted Birth for my 4th son Legend Treasure, and she quickly shared it with her husband. 

“Babe, she did it in the bathtub, her husband was there, her kids, you got to watch this!” She said to her husband. That moment was really what piqued their interest. 

Her husband, Kenneth was very evolved around the idea of having an unassisted birth. He had been on a journey of spiritual development, growth, and shifting from his up bringing over the past several years. 

Erica felt comforted having her husband to support her. Previously they had 3 no epidural hospital births. Together they were excited to enter a more natural, holistic approach to birth.  

 “In addition to having consultations with you, I really feel less alone” she said to me during our meeting. 

 She felt good knowing that she had me to help her with all the important parts of the birth. 

I loved her story. I thought it was perfect that they were both on the same page. “Some moms don’t have that husband support, you have it!” I said to her “I think you both will have a beautiful experience together.” I added! 

I asked her how many weeks she was when she delivered her previous children. She responded 40 weeks with her son and 38 weeks with her two daughters. 

I giggled as she was currently 38 weeks and expecting another baby girl!

“Do you feel like you can be anytime?” I asked her.

“I feel pretty good. Braxton hicks started a while ago. Today was the first day that I thought I was starting to feel a little bit of aches with the Braxton hicks, but I also don’t want to over analyze. I’m feeling good, no pain, nothing that would alert me that I would be delivering at any moment.” Erica said to me.

On Thursday May 26th at 11:30am, we went over her unassisted birth checklist, and we practiced my techniques for a painless birth. 

I activated the 1-minute timer. 

I gently spoke “You are going to close your eyes, take a deep breath and you are going to create space with your legs, while you create space, I want you to visualize your baby engaging with your cervix. This feel so good, I love oxytocin, as you visualize your baby’s head engaging with your cervix, you can sway side to side, create space, breathing in for four and out for four.” 

While we were breathing, she was calm, eyes closed, and meditating. 

At the end of the practice contraction, she said “Oh WOW, time just escaped! “

“I am excited to bring in those affirmations, I’m excited to do it differently this time” She added. 

I Prepped her on what to expect and what to do during early, active, and transitional labor. 

 While practising with her, I could see that she was going to be very good at her contractions!

After our call, that very same day on Thursday May 26th at 10:46pm. I received a text from her husband Kenneth that Erica was having contractions!

“Great! are you able to time them?” I asked 

 “They are lasting about 45- 50 seconds” Kenneth responded. 

“How far apart are they?” I questioned 

“About 7-9 minutes apart.” He added. 

I called them after this text. During the phone call Erica was giggling and in a happy mood. 

“38 weeks!” I spoke 

We rejoiced! We were surprised that labor began only a few hours after our call! She told me she ordered everything off the list I provided her, but she knew most of the items wouldn’t come in on time. 

During this call her contractions went from 9-7 minutes apart to 7 minutes apart! Her calmness sounded like she was in early labor.

After the phone call she sent me a picture of her bloody show!

“This is a beautiful thing. Your body is preparing to meet your baby girl. Take a deep breath and try to go to sleep as normal. Let’s aim for you to get at least 1-2 hours of napping. You will get to a point, when you can no longer sleep through them. Text me when that happens, I will be here.” I responded 

I wanted them to fuel up for what was to come. They texted me to confirm they were in bed resting. 

3 HOURS LATER, On Thursday May 27th at 3:24am Kenneth texted “She’s feeling a slight urge to push!!!!”

I quickly got on the call with them, they were getting in the tub. 

Minutes to Seconds later baby girl was born! Her entire body came out in one contraction! FETAL EJECTION REFLEX!!!

She had an (F.E.R) Fetal Ejection Reflex which is when the body expels a baby involuntarily without forced pushing! 

We all smiled and giggled in surprise! I was so blown away. We were all shocked at how quickly things progressed! 

She looked like she didn’t even have a baby. She was vibrant and her hair placed perfectly! 

Skyla cried right away. She was gorgeous and healthy! She appeared to look very developed as if she was born at 40 weeks! 

 In just 4 hours Erica gave birth unmedicated, no epidural unassisted in her bathtub with her husband alongside! The birth was so quick her other kids remained asleep!  

A few hours later, in the morning we had a video chat for Skyla’s newborn checks! She passed her d.i.y newborn checks with flying colors! She was already nursing like a princess champion! 

 I said to them “I’m just so proud of you guys! Such a special moment that I’m sure you both will cherish forever! You guys gave birth to your own DNA, in your own home, in your own bathtub! This was a journey that you guys went on together, this is something that you guys decided on together, and the journey was completed together! I’m so blown away and proud of you both, CONGRATULATIONS!” 

Kenneth and Erica decided on having a half lotus birth. A Half lotus birth is when the placenta is left attached to the baby from anywhere between 4-48 hours after birth and then the umbilical cord is gently burned or cut. 

They waited over 24 hours until the cord was completely dried before cutting. 

I continued to do postpartum calls with Skyla and Erica until Skyla’s umbilical cord fell off! 

In the meantime I guided them on the process to reporting Skyla's Birth and getting her birth certificate. In a hospital or birth with a midwife, they report the birth for the parents. However when you give birth unassisted the parents have to report and register their babies birth by themselves. If a mother is not prepared for this process it can take months to years to get a birth certificate. This is not the case when you have me as your virtual doula! I always set my clients up for success! 

They completed every step and successfully got Skyla's birth certificate 3 weeks post delivery! Yay! 

After the birth they gifted me an over $500 tip which was so gracious of them and completely unexpected. 

Erica, Kenneth, and Skyla were all amazing! Erica was superwoman, Kenneth the foundation, and Skyla a beautiful Queen!

The Mclean Family will forever be in my heart! 

Written By: Legaci Allong 'The Natural Birth Queen'


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