Bonding and Placenta Delivery

Bonding and Placenta Delivery

Bonding and Placenta Delivery 

The tears, the skin, the breast… they all help! After you deliver your baby, strong uterine contractions continue under the influence of oxytocin! These contractions are designed to decrease the size of your uterus and help the placenta separate from its attachment to the mothers uterine wall. 

 Happy tears, skin to skin and babies first attempt to breast feed help produce stronger levels of oxytocin. Which strengthen the uterine contractions that help the placenta separate and deliver. 

 Skin to Skin Contact after birth helps to keep your baby calm and reduce the stress system. Lower stress levels help your baby to relax and activate the breast crawl which is instinctive at this time. 

For faster placenta delivery ensure that bonding moments after birth aren’t interrupted. There is no need to hurry, enjoy these moments! Try adjusting the temperatures, using a newborn hat, switching to dry towels to keep mother and baby warm. 

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