Birth Positions

Birth Positions

Most Common Birth Positions on Legaci Birth

1. Standing Up

Pros: Gravity helps the baby to move down and apply pressure onto the cervix. The dilation of the cervix becomes very effective in this position. 

Cons: This position can become tiring. You may need support from a partner, chair, or wall. 

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2. Squatting 

 Pros: Squatting opens the pelvis area, creating more space for the baby. This position also allows gravity to help move the baby down.

Cons: During Pregnancy it's not easy to balance in a squatting position. So holding onto an object like a chair or a door knob can provide you the support that you need.

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3. Hands and Knees

Pros: Allows you to rock and sway with your hips. It also takes pressure off the back, which can decrease back pain. 

Cons: This position is great for babies who are in the posterior position during labor. However if your baby is already in a great position for birth you may want to avoid this position because it can encourage your baby to turn again. 

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4. Kneeling

Pros: Can be helpful when you are experiencing back labor because it encourages the baby to move forward. You can also try different variations like kneeling with one knee. 

Cons: This position can cause pressure on your knees. Take breaks, to relieve some of that pressure.

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5. Side Lying 

Pros: Side lying is a great alternative for lying on your back. It can help you rest when taking a break between contractions. 

Cons: Doesn't allow gravity to assist you in bringing down your baby.

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6. Knee to Chest

Pros: This position helps to create more space it is also recommended for birth situations where you may be delivering a larger baby, or a an OP baby.

Cons: You may need to add back support like your partner behind you or pillows to avoid pushing in a lying down position. 

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7. Sitting Upright

Pros: This position helps you use gravity effectively. Between contractions, you can lean backward with support. 

Cons: Moving from this position to another position may require assistance.  

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