Upright Birthing Positions

Upright Birthing Positions

Upright Birthing Positions

So what is upright birthing? And how can I use this technique to promote a progressive labour? 

 Upright Birthing - Is sitting or standing upright while giving birth. 

Upright birthing positions include: 

  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Sitting on a birth stool or cushion
  • Kneeling 
  • Hands-and-knees 
  • Squatting

How can I use this technique to progress labor?

Well...What goes up, must come down! right? So When you’re lying down you may have to push harder because you’re going against gravity. When you’re upright, you can push less because you’re allowing gravity to help bring your baby down! Sometimes upright birthing is so effective, you don't have to push at all! Some moms often say "baby just slipped on out!"

Keep in mind however, standing during labor or even hands and knees position is extremely effective, it can also become very tiring. During labor try to mix around your upright birthing positions with sitting. This will help you save your energy. 

Does Upright Birthing Make Labor Faster?

Positions play an important role in the descent of the babies head. Remaining upright has greater benefits in making that process happen faster! Research has shown that upright birthing positions can reduce the duration of the second stage of labor.

Does Upright Birthing Make Birth Less Painful?

Often you will hear moms saying their contractions became unbearable when they were lying on their backs. Upright birthing positions can also reduce the intensity of contractions. This is because one of the main roles of contractions are to dilate the cervix and push baby down. When you remain upright you are working with your contractions and not against it! 

Benefits of Upright birthing are:

  • Gravity assists the effort of pushing.
  • Contractions are stronger and more effective.
  • The size of the pelvic diameter naturally increases enabling faster progress.

Upright Birthing Position Ideas:

 Hope You enjoyed learning about upright birthing positions! Start Shopping for your birth now! 

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