Legaci Birth courses are designed for moms just like you who want to learn how to have an unmedicated, home, unassisted, or painless birth! Access your courses on legacibirth.com to become educated and empowered.

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    The Legaci Birth Program is for pregnant women who want to learn how to have a painless, unassisted, home, or unmedicated birth. The program offers courses, live group classes, and access to our app for contact support. So you can get your questions answered, be around like-minded queens, and learn the nitty gritty.

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  • Virtual Doula Program

    The virtual doula program is the best way to experience Legaci Birth. You will receive support through your pregnancy to prepare you for your birth. Legaci will guide your during labor, your birth, placenta delivery, and postpartum. Legaci Birth will breathe with you and guide you on labor positions and techniques and provide partner and family support. 

    This program also includes access to all courses, classes and app for direct contact support.

    Did you know that only 7.9% of women reported that their birth plan was fully met.

    This program is designed for you to be apart of that 7.9%

    Legaci Birth has a 100% success rate you can stop the second guessing and have certainty that your birth will go exactly as planned!

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