Don't Want A Traumatic Hospital Birth?


  • Success unassisted lotus birth 🤩

    My husband gifted me her doula services being the best purchase we could’ve made. You should do it too, you won’t be disappointed. This was our second baby after a traumatic hospital birth. I am so happy with the outcome and I am a living witness to say I had a painless birth after taking her courses. My birth was quick and powerful. And the easiest one so far, I look forward to my next pregnancy. I remember after my traumatic experience at the hospital I didn’t want to have children anymore but now I can say I could have 3 more! This is my husbands dream to have a big family and now I am not afraid to give him a big family. Legaci was a tremendous help in our unassisted lotus birth, she helped my husband feel comfortable with what was happening and helped him through every step of free birthing our son. She helped keep the atmosphere calm, nurturing, and supportive, and I don’t have the right words to say how amazing she is at what she does. It’s definitely a precious gift that God has given her and it’s beautiful to see she’s using her gift from God. I’m thankful God placed her in this very special moment. I highly recommend the experience to anyone preparing for a baby - Jocelyn.L

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  • Thank God for Legaci

    THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I Can’t thank God enough for this Wondrous Woman Legaci! She helped me, my husband and my mom through the whole labor to birth and some postpartum, experience none of us had home birth experience and I my goal was to avoid the hospital, and with Legaci I was able to achieve my goal, my home birth experience is a beautiful new core memory of flow and trust in myself! I feel so new and happy when I think about my birth experience! Thanks to Legaci she is the best! I love her so much and I can’t thank her enough, she is professional, knowledgeable, experienced, with Amazing energy so uplifting! If the clocks were to rewind I would choose her as my doula all over again without hesitation!

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  • Skyla’s Birthing Experience Comes True💖

    Our plan for a home birth was was filled with many unanswered questions and uncertainty of support personnel for birthing our daughter.At 37 weeks, we discovered Legaci via social media. Her infectious attitude toward having a positive home birthing experience drew us in. Purchasing Legaci’s Virtual Doula services for our first unassisted home birth was a blessing, empowering, and invigorating. She was attentive, engaging, encouraging and inspirational during each our interactions. We did not feel like customers, but like family💕 - Erica.M

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